The practice we cultivate within our bodies informs the way we feel in our lives.


I have been working with bodies in motion for over 20 years. I have honed my keen eye into watching how you move. I use movement to help you experience the strength in your posture. I believe there is an innate intelligence that governs the body; a brilliant intelligence that created us, teaches us, and heals us.


I also believe in the power of experience, the stories we create, the stories we live and tell ourselves. I believe grace comes from healthy movement, good food, and getting quality sleep. Health is having a sense of purpose, and a connection with yourself and others in your community. A good life is one that is experienced.


I strive to be present with each individual; to meet you where you are at at that unique moment in time, to celebrate your strengths, and to share with you the tools from my journey.

My Story


I was always an athlete who loved to move, but in high school a friend took me to Mabiba Baegne's West African dance class and it changed my life. My eyes opened to the interconnection of movement, rhythm, and spirit. The presence, energy, and power I felt was profound. I returned home floating above the ground, and I knew then that my life’s pursuit would be studying about the body and the intersection we have with spirit. Through my studies, I gradually came to understand the power of movement to help heal the body and how spirit can lead the body to health.

  • Doctor of Chiropractic, Life West Chiropractic College 2013


  • Certified in Webster, Thompson and Logan techniques, three prominent prenatal and pediatric techniques. 


  • Soft Tissue Chiropractic modalities: Cranial Sacral, Active Release Technique, Bio Geometric Integration

Certifications and Trainings that inspire my work

  • Gyrotonic Teacher 2001. 

  • Anusara Yoga Teacher 2004. 

  • Pilates teacher 2005. 

  • Core Alighn Teacher with founder Jonathan Hoffman

  • Janda Neuromuscular Reprogramming and Pilates based rehab with Liz Roman. 2005, 2006, 2007 San Francisco

  • Certified Lactation Counselor Healthy Children’s Center For Breastfeeding 2015