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Birth is the foundational transition we go through in life. Receiving Gentle, educated, caring touch empowers the being to feel their resources for their journey ahead, in their lives.


Newborn Visits

As a chiropractor I assess the child’s spine, extremities and cranial bones, as well as the soft connective tissue and fascia of the body. Together we find the resources of tension and restriction, spaciousness and movement. This process helps allow for the full expression of this perfect  being.


Touch is a profound medium that communicates so much in such a gentle way. Safety, love, connection. Touch opens space for profound experience, and it opens up the body to allow it to heal. Children of all ages benefit from this work.

Reasons parents have sought my care:

Welcome baby for new babies

Breastfeeding challenges such as tongue tie and other concerns



Better sleep

Falls, noticing movement imbalances

Changes in mood, sleep or eating in toddlers

Movement assesment in older children

Most babies find the sessions to be deeply relaxing. We often move and play, sometimes they nurse, sometimes they sleep. I am open to the stories they are ready to tell. Many mothers have commented that their babies are happier, sleep better, have less gas, and are just more relaxed in general after they have a session.

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