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Explorations of movement with children

Good Morning Sun

Good Morning Sun

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Movements for grown-ups

Foot Rolling
Core work with Gertie Ball
Extension with Gertie Ball
Shoulders and neck

Other resources:

     Inspiring Movement videos!

         From the talented and wonderful Physical Therapist Kristin Jamieson. These videos explore fascia and rolling, as              well as videos for some more safe and great exercises.

         Gil Hedley, an awesome somanaut! Here are anatomy videos of real fascia and disections, as well as some wonderful      anatomy videos and explanations

         An introduction to BioTensegrity with Sue Brown founder of Bio Geometric Integration 

         A lovely guide to a gentle feldenkraise exercise for knees, back and pelvis

         Guided Kundalini Yoga Practices with YogiGems

         Ready for your next Movement class? Baby Liv paves the way


         Joe Goode of Joe Goode Dance performance group guides, "A Body Moment" 


         Gratitude by Louie Schwartzberg


        Inspiring Podcast about the interstitium RadioLab

          Medicine stories Podcast: The Living Matrix of Fascia and the Resonance of the Heart 



        Written by John Upledger this book is a wonderful read for health care partitioners and lay people alike.                    Your Inner Physician and You

          Craniosacral for Babies and Small Children by Etienne and Neeto Piersman

          A beautiful book about the fascia system including biomechanics of movement and development The Endless Web

          Your Amazing Newborn

          The Body Electric​  This is a fascinating read about current, and healing. Now almost 30 years         old it is still a        groundbreaking look at how we heal and what is possible!


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