Explorations of movement with children

Movements for grown-ups

      Other resources:

      Sleep Consultant: Tekla Johnson 

      I believe rest for the entire family is important. If this is something you are struggling with Tekla is an amazing support. There is no right way to get everyone sleeping, but she has many tailored tools to fit your family. 

      Coaching : Michelle Weston and Tekla Johnson

      Both these women have big hearts and lots of tools, and both are offering low cost and no cost coaching sessions. They both have a cohort of other coaches as well in case you need more resources. I have worked with them both in different capacities for many years and believe in them as people! It is a perfect time to connect with a coach if that is something you have been thinking about or wanting some extra tools and support in these current times.

      Stories read for kids pre-k and K

      Thank you dedicated Marin County Librarians for staying connected with your students! Hearing a story read in a new way is a powerful thing! These loving and talented readers offer stories, songs and movement for little ones just like they would find at story time at the library.

      Andrew Newman reads LIVE STORYTIMES.  Concious nourishing stories for kids of all ages

      Parenting resources: Fertile Ground Parenting 

      Caroline Griswold: Fertile Ground Parenting offering empathic and direct family coaching, group classes and workshops based in the work of Magda Gerber and the RIE method. She has currently moved her classes from SF Zen Center and Natural Resources to Zoom.

      Inspiring movement Videos that make me smile (and want to get on the floor and play)

      Ready for your next Movement class? Baby Liv paves the way


      Joe guides, "A Body Moment"

      Virtual movement classes

      Movement for Humans Saturdays at 10am

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