Explorations of movement with children

Movements for grown-ups

Other resources:

Sleep Consultant: Tekla Johnson 

I believe rest for the entire family is important. If this is something you are struggling with Tekla is an amazing support. There is no right way to get everyone sleeping, but she has many tailored tools to fit your family. 

Parenting resources: Fertile Ground Parenting 

      Caroline Griswold: Fertile Ground Parenting offering empathic and direct family coaching, group classes and workshops based in the work of Magda Gerber and the RIE method. She has currently moved her classes from SF Zen Center and Natural Resources to Zoom.

      Pelvic Floor Physical Therapists

      Therapy Roo "All women deserve to feel comfortable and confident in their bodies and seek treatment and education to improve pain, incontinence, and strength." Jessica Abele 

      Alicia Roberts.  Reclaim. Reconnect. Restore. "The postpartum wellness solution"

      Imee Harsuvanakit: Renew Physical Therapy

      Connecting you to your courage, clarity, confidence, compassion, energy, and your inspirations. Both these women have big hearts and lots of tools to help reflect what is working in your life and support you to make changes you are wanting to make. It is a perfect time to connect with a coach if that is something you have been thinking about or wanting some extra tools and support in these current times.

      More Movement videos!

           From the talented and wonderful Physical Therapist Kristin Jamieson. These videos explore fascia and rolling, as              well as videos for some more safe and great exercises.

            An introduction to Tensegrity  from Thomas Myers

            A 30 minute dance/ movement video to address the fascia, it feels amazing! Miranda Esmonde-White

            A lovely guide to a gentle feldenkraise exercise for knees, back and pelvis


           WIT Mini Blue Ball and  WIT Grey Rolling Ball

      Inspiring movement Videos that make me smile (and want to get on the floor and play)

           Ready for your next Movement class? Baby Liv paves the way


           Joe guides, "A Body Moment"

      Virtual movement classes

      Joe Goodes dance company led Movement for Humans Saturdays at 10am

      Zoom Pilates with Janine Fondler Monday and Wednesday at 4:30pm janine.fondiller@gmail.com