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"I went to Gabriella for rehabilitative pilates after I herniated some discs while picking up a heavy box. I had been in constant pain for three months, not being able to lie down, sit, walk or do anything without pain. I was scared and hopeless. From the first moment of our first session, Gabriella expressed total confidence to me that our work together would heal my back. That simple expression of compassionate confidence was very healing and I burst into tears. After literally three sessions, my pain evaporated completely. I was dumbfounded and thrilled. Not only did the sessions and take-home exercises fix my back, but simply being in her presence was deeply healing. There is no one like Gabriella. She has a gift which I believe is inspired by a profound loving kindness and respect for her patients and I can't thank her enough for completely dissolving my pain and inspiring me with the quality of her presence in the world."

Michele Thornsen

“Gabriella works differently from other Chiropractors I have met. We have been so fortunate to have her work on both my son and on me. I first came to Gabriella because my son, then 5, had a series of three or four physical bumps and falls within a short period of time. I got the sense that he needed some adjusting, but I wasn’t exactly sure what would help. I could see immediately that what Gabi offered was enormously healing. My son doesn’t typically like being touched by anyone other than close family, and Gabi was extremely patient, gentle, and respectful in her approach. She totally followed his lead, moving seamlessly between play and touch, always asking for permission before touching and allowing him to move and change as he wished. Partway into the first session, I saw his body completely uncoil, and a big release seemed to pass through him. Since then, he often asks when we will see Gabriella again and has told me how good he feels when she works on him.


My experience has been equally transformative. Gabi has helped me understand and strengthen my pelvic floor and core after six years of postpartum struggling, and has softened places of persistent tension in my sacrum, legs, and torso. Her approach is thoughtful, loving, and wise, and like no other healer I have known. I highly recommend her for children and adults alike.”


Caroline Griswold

“Gabriella is a healer. I feel completely held in her kindness, care, and wisdom when we do bodywork together. Over the years, her brilliance and insight have helped me heal significant injuries, build core strength, and improve structural alignment. She leads me back to my powerful self, that place where all things are possible. I am so lucky to be partnering in my health and well-being with Gabi.”


Michelle Weston

After a session with her beautiful 3 month old daughter, her email to me. Published with permission. 

“Wow, yes she is quite different after she sees you. The first night she slept 5.5 hrs and the second night 8.5!!!!  Crazy. She is back to pooping after almost every feed, passing gas more easily, less restless and grunty overall, much less in stomach pain, as well as much happier and smiley. I would say that was a success!  Slight changes in the nursing pain but still there a bit. She also hasn't had the 5am and 5pm witching hour issues. Much better!!!! I can't thank you enough!”  



“Dr. Gabriella has been a caretaker and healer of our family for years. We met Gabriella years ago when she started working with my husband to help him recover from injuries through Pilates. After he had a fantastic experience working with her (and continues to work with her), it was an easy choice to ask her to come meet our brand new son and help him unwind and recover from his birth experience. Our first meeting with her was when he was just four days old. She has since returned regularly to check on his alignment and help support him in his growth process. 


Gabriella truly has a healers touch. The approach she took with my brand new son was just amazing. She rolled with the punches as he fussed and even fed during her work with him. Although he wasn’t a fan of all the work, it was incredible to watch him respond to some of the unwinding. You could really see that he was having a positive response to the work (in his own baby-way). At one point he even made a face that looked like he was trying to say, “Oooo that feels good!”


I trust both of the men in my life to Gabriella’s thoughtful care. I couldn’t recommend her more."


Lee Burgess

"Dr. Gabriella has provided amazing care to my entire family over the last 5 years, and we are forever grateful. She has so many healing methods that blend with her calm energy and natural intuition to help anyone's body reach a more optimal state of function. Her pilates background allows her to incorporate functional movement rehab tools so that you can continue to empower your own healing by increasing core stability and balanced dynamic motion. Her chiropractic adjusting methods are gentle and effective. It never feels on her table like she is just going through the motions. She's there every step of the way with you, available to explain her care in the moment, or allow you to take a quiet moment while she continues to care. She has helped me when training for marathons, and also in postpartum recovery, reminding me there is a balance between pushing our body physically, and also having grace and patience with our limitations as healing safely can take years and is a journey. She has been paramount in providing early weeks old Chiropractic care to my two babies, both to help encourage balanced and calm nervous systems, and also to gently help cranial bones to shift into better positions, helping with nursing, good rest, and digestion. I cannot recommend enough connecting with Dr. Gabriella if you have any health questions or concerns for yourself or your family. She truly is a gift to our community."

Heather Casey

March 4, 2021 Point Reyes Light

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