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Adult sessions

As a Chiropractor and life-long movement specialist, my background is in working with the musculoskeletal and neuroendocrine systems. I am drawn more and more to the subtle, gentle, yet profound work with the fascial and cranio-sacral systems.


The hands-on work we do together will include aspects of work in all these areas.

Our bodies are our greatest teachers. They are continuously healing even when we are not paying attention to them. When we pay attention and observe the brilliance of our amazing bodies it can be mind altering!


The fascia system connects every cell in our bodies to every other. Through this fluid matrix of intercommunicating cells information is passed faster than any other system in the body. More and more it is becoming understood that we hold trauma in our tissues. Trauma can be physical, chemical or emotional. Held trauma causes restrictions of movement (or lack of glide) between tissues. These restrictions can impact the flow of information locally and through our entire systems. Pain is often a guide to revisit past trauma and open to the process of healing old wounds. We all experience stress, loss, and events that are difficult to understand. Our bodies hold these experiences for us so we can go on. Hopefully we get opportunities to revisit them and heal. The path of healing is through restoring movement and restoring flow. 


The Cerebral Spinal Fluid (CSF) is the fluid that nourishes our brains and spinal cords. These systems are literally at the center of our beings. They are the apparatus through which we receive and process information from within our bodies and from the outside world.


Helping the body's subtle tissues to recover their movement qualities allows the entire system to reorganize. With that reorganization profound healing can occur, changing how we inhabit our bodies and how we interact with the world.

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