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Functional Movement Sessions

We have muscles that are designed to hold us up, and muscles that work to give us grace. You can feel it instantly when your core postural muscles turn on, and those refining muscles are allowed to relax and do their job. My gift is to help you feel what that feels like, and then go forward from there.

I have been working with bodies in motion for over 20 years. I have honed a keen eye into watching how you move. I use movement and exercises to help you experience the strength in your posture, and to help you use those strengths to stretch areas of tightness and open up a deeper understanding of how your body works.

What will our first session look like?


Our first session will begin with some questions about you and your goals. We will do a postural assessment and gait analysis, and then we will work with some movement and return to see how it is affecting your posture and gait. We will add to and build on a repotoir of exercises and stretches that you can do on your own to reach your goals. As we work together we will continue to hone, modify and add to this repoire. As you get stronger, more centered, and take on greater challenges with more ease your home routine changes.

As we build up from the foundation, I find there is an opening for more precise hands on work on the table. Every being is different and each session is different. I am open to listening to what best serves you each session.

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