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During pregnancy a hormone called relaxin, quite appropriately named, floods the mothers body, in order to prepare for birth and relax the muscles, tendons, and ligaments for opening. Supportive body mind work can be beneficial in this time for processing, opening and growing. 

Doing stabilizing exercises during pregnancy is an important part of a healthy and comfortable pregnancy. Together exercise and bodywork help hold those bones in great alignment, and even help you gain strength you didn’t know you had as your body grows and changes!

Webster Technique

The Webster Technique works with the Round and Broad ligaments of the pelvis. Its focus is on balance and stability for the sacrum during pregnancy. As the uterus expands it pulls on the pelvic bones. Imagine a hot air ballon attached to the basket below. If the ligaments are pulling unevenly they can cause a restriction in the space for the growing baby to turn. This is called a breech or transverse position, when the baby is not yet head down. The Webster technique works to help balance the pelvic bones and make optimal space for the baby to get into a head down position.

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